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Scientists conducted a systematic review published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation which looked at whether or not there is a relationship between TMD and head and cervical posture. The following is a summary:

“The objective of this systematic review was to find sufficient evidence to deny or accept the association between the head and cervical posture and Temporomandibular Disorders (TMDs), and thus assist health professionals in the evaluation and treatment of patients with TMDs.

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Because pain is a subjective experience, patients are often asked to describe their pain in words. The result is a rich set of adjectives like sharp, dull, burning, and throbbing. In particular, a throbbing quality often describes pain that is severe a…

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If you are a government employee who understands the full impact of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) on individuals, their loved ones and society-at-large, please help us to continue to change the face of TMJ by designating The TMJ Association as your…

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In a well-argued review appearing in the leading science journal, Nature, investigators from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill suggest that both the diagnosis and treatment of TMD and other musculoskeletal pain conditions would benefit if h…

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